Awareness journey is an online course which aims to unravel the five hidden or unknown aspects of you. This course is a Journey into your AWARENESS. Imagine you are in a sports stadium watching your favourite sport. It could be Football, Tennis or Cricket. One of the teams is your team- maybe representing your country or province or organisation. Notice how you would watch this game. A scoring shot will elicit a different reaction depending on which team did it.


Now imagine you are watching the same game but this time you are neutral to both teams. You just came to enjoy the game and don’t care who wins. Notice how you are watching this game! Your reaction to every good shot would be same.The games are an analogy to your life as you go about it every day. The rational mind is the spectator EXPERIENCING as in the first example.


Your Awareness is the spectator above this level OBSERVING as in second example. You are not always aware of this unbiased witness aspect of you but when you ponder on it you will know that it does exist. The course is also a journey WITH your Awareness, which is the first aspect, into the other four aspects of you. Discovering each of these aspects would unleash enormous potential to help you attain unimagined levels of effectiveness and efficiency in all your endeavours

Is this program for you?

Do you want to awaken your enterprising sprit from within you? 

Are you already enterprising and looking to sharpen it by going deep within yourself to awaken the hidden potential lying untapped inside you, yet unknown to you? 

yes to any of these questions is enough for you to be the perfect candidate to benefit from this course,

This course is not for you if you are only looking at outward, quick fix solutions.  If you are not willing to go within to find answers to the issues you face in life.  If you have no aspirations to grow or improve your life status or yourself.

You will be particularly benefited in a direct practical sense if you fall under any of these categories, although not limited to just these….

  1. You are an Empath and your work involves helping people cope with their lives.
  2. You are an Entrepreneur or founder/inheritor/owner/management of any kind of business, service or manufacturing, startup or established.
  3. You are in a leadership role in an NGO, Government,  Sports, Healthcare, Industry, Trusts, Societies, Associations or any other organisation or group.
  4. You are somebody without a clear-cut defined job description, you face unexpected situations and problems at every turn of life.  You need to figure out creative or innovative, out of the book solutions, you cannot just report the problem to your boss and wait for instructions.
  5. You are facing the challenges of parenting or managing a home and looking to unearth deep hidden potential within you to make life flow easier and gracefully.

Module 1

Module One: Is also called The Happy Place Module.This is a journey through 23 daily lessons to help you begin to cultivate a habit of returning back to your happy place within and then staying in your happy place as your default mode of being. This is achieved through exploring your self-awareness by expanding, stretching and moving your awareness within your body and then connecting with the core of the earth in a process called grounding. 


The journey into various aspects of your awareness can begin only from the happy place within. You also learn and start daily practice of energy movements. The participant begins to experience what it feels like to live a life completely free from suffering and pain. The seed (or awareness) is planted and a sapling sprouts, the next five months of mentoring nurtures this into a deeply rooted full grown self sustaining tree.

Module 2

Module Two: The Awareness Journey begins with exploring the various aspects of your wholesome mind. Just returning back to awareness activates self healing as can be experienced by the participant during the journey through space and time awareness, physical body and limbic mind awareness, inner mind awareness in module two. The participant also learns to connect with the cosmic healing energy flow by experiencing the simultaneous shower of earth and cosmic energies. This module consists of 25 daily lessons.  

Module 3

Module Three – The Awareness Journey continues through outer mind awareness, emotional feelings awareness, emotional empathy awareness and spiritual mind or intuitive mind awareness. This module consists of 23 daily lessons leading the participant to full awareness of the self. AT this point suffering and pain are no longer hurdles the path of growth and no new karmic debt is created hereafter. The participant is now ready to begin the deep healing of past trauma stored deep in the core of the chakras in the next module.


Module 4

Module Four – The participant starts experiencing their energy body anatomy in more detail through the thirteen daily lessons through the aura and chakras. An understanding of the chakras and chakra blocks emerges and the participant can see how life experiences repeat in patterns due to the blocks. Chakra blocks are also hurdles in the path of manifestations. Humans are meant to manifest their creative ideas into physical reality in the world and this can be possible with ease once the chakra blocks are cleared. This is a followed by 21 days of deep healing process and requires a daily practice of one hour with a movement practice called deep chakra healing.

Module 5

Module Five – This module deals with Belief Systems and Reputations.The participant goes through twenty daily lessons dealing with the mind awareness to release the limiting charge around deeply buried beliefs. These are called abundance blocks and you learn to release them from the energy body. The participant also learns to instantly release physical pains in their own body as well as others.


Module 6

Module Six is the Vision building module consisting of 21 daily lessons. The participant uncovers their life purpose and creates a vision that can help them fulfil the same.


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