The First Book


Overview / Synopsis of the Book One in the Awareness Journey series:

This book will help the reader find lasting happiness by teaching how to be happy or how to be in the Happy Place. It will help in training the mind to maintain a positive attitude which is the greatest aid for Stress management or stress relief. Read on to find how this is possible..... For hundreds of thousands of years sunlight was the only source of light on earth. Sunrise would trigger activity in our bodies with the secretion of Serotonin and sunset would usher in the sleep state with the secretion of Melatonin. Our ancestors enjoyed wholesome sleep despite the otherwise hostile environment in which they lived. It all started to change when about a hundred and fifty years ago Edison invented the lightbulb, eliminating the difference between night and day. And Humans started losing wholesome sleep

There is an inexplicable underlying sense of restlessness in human society both in the collective as well as the individual levels today. Especially in the urban environment in which almost sixty percent of the world population lives. This underlying restlessness which shows up as stress or lack of ease or a state of rush or hurry, is actually a state of inner energy imbalance. It is the primary cause of the strife and conflict, and the aggressively competitive state of mind we find across all strata of society. It is also the primary cause for the spurt in modern disease, such as auto-immune conditions, cancers, all life-style chronic diseases and low immunity against micro-organisms.

Today we are in the Digital Information revolution and light (especially light emitted by our digital devices and resultant lack of sleep) is not the only factor causing this underlying restlessness in our society. I would say, even the air pollution, food, and water contamination, are all significant but not primary factors as they affect only the physical layer of our existence. The invisible, unnoticed energy pollution, in my opinion is the biggest cause of the restlessness we all collectively experience. The space around us is probably filled with unimaginable amount of information – in the form of energy waves – emitted by and connecting all our digital network. This is energy pollution, and it was almost non-existent even a few decades ago

Our physical body is only a small part of the whole of us. There is a huge bubble of energy engulfing our body variously called – Bio-Field, Bio-Plasma, Human energy field, Subtle body, Aura, Energy body, Atman, etc. This energy field acts as a protective space suit around us. If the physical body is the hardware, this energy field is the software running or operating it. The energy pollution surrounding us and caused by the digital information age, interferes and imbalances the human energy field and distorts the way we think, emote and experience life.

This is probably the reason why, in spite of tremendous advances in medical science, human suffering, especially in terms of chronic and lifestyle disease has only increased over time. On the other hand, homo sapiens or human beings as a species is the pinnacle of creativity for the universe. After several billions of years of experimentation with life forms (and evolution of life forms) nature has come up with the human being – the most fantastic creation since the Big-Bang. Nature has endowed us with an ability to heal ourselves, to rejuvenate and enjoy wholesome wellbeing – a self-repairing mechanism so to speak. We do have the ability to live an energetic, active, healthy life even in the present modern urban environment. It just involves learning to inculcate a specific mind-set followed by a specific skill set that can be cultivated into a regular habit within our daily routine lifestyle.

Awareness Journey is the actual life-transforming journey travelled by the author from illness to wellness, from being an emotional wreck to channeling the same emotions to fuel the growth into maturity and wisdom. Having experienced unimaginable and seemingly miraculous transformation in my life, I went on to create a six module – six month mentoring course to guide others experience the same. After five years of mentoring several participants through this course, I have now been inspired to bring it to you in the form of this book.

The Happy Place is an inner state of being that is the original pure radiant joyous inherent state with which we were born. Positive attitude, peace of mind, balanced physical and mental health are all natural outcome of being here. We quickly lost it while growing up and have been living with the underlying restlessness ever since. During childhood and youth, the effect of this restlessness is not overtly evident, but it definitely exists in almost everyone and it starts showing up as we grow. A set of practices – a way of life, that you could easily learn to help you to return back from your state of restlessness to your Happy Place within, this is the aim of the book.

It is a true story of the journey as one participant goes through each day of the first module with the mentor and experiences transformational results. It is a self-help book in form of an engaging story, to guide the reader through the journey so that you could easily achieve similar results in your life. This participant had never heard of the energy body or the human energy field and was skeptical about its effectiveness, especially as it seemed too simple, yet it helped her through an amazing transformational healing experience. You don’t need any belief sets or faith to be able to travel on this journey and benefit from it, you only need an openness and willingness to experiment.

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